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Because of the nature of the business the roofing owner will not always be immediately available to answer the phone, it is also not safe to take phone calls while on a roof (I am sure you understand) We like to give your roofing job the proper attention that it deserves.

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Columbus, Grove City, Dublin, Upper Arlington, Hilliard, Powell, New Albany, Muirfield, Worthington, Reynoldsburg, Delaware, Westerville, Obetz, Galloway, and all other areas surrounding Columbus, Ohio. If you are in Ohio and need roofing or a roofer contact us.
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The decision to repair a roof or to replace the entire roof material can be a difficult one to make if you are not fully aware of roofing details and with all the different roof materials that are available. and the life span of those materials. 

A proper roofer will also look at the attic venting to help ensure that your roofing material will last as long as is it designed to.

When attics are not properly vented, fiberglass and asphalt shingles will get too hot and will age quicker than if they roof and attic were properly installed.

Depending upon the material and the condition at the roof and attic ventilation your roof may have many years of life left. Simple and inexpensive repairs can help you get more years of concern free roof life. 

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Roof Repair VS Roof Replacement