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The roof flashing used around the chimney is very important 

When selecting a roofer or a roofing company you want to make certain that they know how to install flashing around the chimney. A poorly flashed chimney will leak and can lead to damaged roof sheathing and water damaged interior. Anyone can temporarily stop or prevent a leak at a chimney for a little while. The true professional will take the time needed to properly install the roof material and the flashing properly to prevent leaks for long periods of time.

Sloppy and non professional roofers will sometimes load lots of roof sealant where the shingles meet the chimney and claim that the roofing and flashing has been done correctly. I have seen this lots of time. It is incorrect to seal the shingles to the chimney. With the changes in Ohio seasonal temperature the roof materials need to be able to move slightly to prevent buckling of shingles and cracking of sealants. This is done with using step flashing and counter flashing. When combined and installed correctly they work very well together to prevent leaks. 


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Approximately 80% of the roofs installed in the Columbus Ohio area are asphalt / fiberglass shingles.  These are in need of proper flashing to prevent leaks.

A quality roofer that wants to do a great job will take the time and effort needed to add sealant on top of any exposed nail heads. These nail heads are normally visible only on a few areas of a roof such as the last shingle section on the ridge of the roof.
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